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Must see movies for the month of October. As you guys know this is a must do tradition every Halloween. So go get your snacks get cozy  and have fun !!! ( So many memories )


It was recently brought to my attention that in one of my posts was fetishizing korean people. ( IF YOU HAVE RE BLOGGED THIS POST AND HAVE IT IN YOUR BLOG PLEASE DELETE IT OR IF YOU SEE IT SOMEWHERE PLEASE ASK THIS PERSON TO DELETE AS I WILL BE DELETING IT IMMEDIATELY. I WILL DELETE ALL POST THAT I THINK HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS) I admit that at first I did not know what that meant so I did a bit of research on it an I found myself feeling embarrassed about my post.You may be wondering yourself what fetishizing means? It means:

 - have an excessive and irrational commitment to or obsession with (something)
- make (something) the object of a sexual fetish.    
Then I looked at Racial Fetishism which is:
Racial fetishism involves fetishizing a person or culture belonging to a race that is not one’s own—therefore it involves racial stereotyping and objectifying those bodies who are stereotyped, and oftentimes their cultural practices. This can include having strong racial preferences in dating.
I do not know a lot about this subject but I will be more aware of what i post. We may be offending korean people with our ignorant post we may think it’s for fun and that it isn’t a big deal but it is because if we were in their place we may have felt offended. Example::
"OMG you’re Korean???? I love Korean culture!!!! Annyeonghaseyo saranghae kekekeke I know so much about Korean culture because I have watched one kdrama and I listen to kpop All The Time and clearly they are all representative of Koreans everywhere!!! I love Korean oppas they are all so cute and kawaii they are all secretly kpop idols I must collect them all for my gross collection of Koreans that I love just because they’re Korean!!!! What do you mean I’m being racist I love Asians! How can I be racist when I love my oppas just for their skin colour? kekekekekekeke"  *** Yes somebody actually wrote that***
There are more examples but it would take all day. But we can’t keep stereotyping koreans (kpop and kdramas) we can’t claim to know and love korea by these things. We have to take the time and really learn. As a person from a different culture I have come across stereotyping and it isn’t pleasant. there is term that is used which is :

You are a Koreaboo if:

  • You claim you love South Korea, or that you’re knowledgeable when you don’t actually know anything about South Korea besides Korean pop.
  • You prefer Asians/Koreaboos over your own race/other races.
  • You want to be Korean.
  • You use the Korean language as an accessory when you don’t actually speak Korean. (example: “Oppa is so cute!” “Check my #selca tag! “#ulzzang” “Saranghae!” “ㅋㅋㅋ”)
  • You look for Korean friends.
  • You are disappointed when you come across an Asian isn’t Korean.
  • You eat Korean foods just because it’s Korean.
  • You’ve been to/go to Korea just because of K-Pop.
  • You’re learning Korean to talk to EXO (or any other Korean celebrity).
  • Pretend you’re Korean/have Korean blood (YES, people actually do this!)
  • You defend Koreans who do black face.
  • Make fun of Korean english (this is just mean tbh).
 I have read this list and I have seen people do these things and if you take a look this is right on point and this is ridiculous. There is actually people who do these without thinking. It’s okay to like kdramas and kpop but don’t cross the line there is a limit. I just want to thank this person for pointing out the mistake I did by posting the post I made.Also i am sorry.
(I don’t want to offend anyone this is just my opinion)
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